you are allowed to take up space

Not just physically, but emotionally. In all the ways that matter to you, and especially in all the ways you've probably been told that you're not allowed to. In front of my lens you have permission to bring all of you. The full dynamic range of who you are and everything you've been told not to be. These shoots give you permission to play into every corner of who you are and the body that carries you. Letting you dance in the light and the shadows as all the parts you've been told to turn away from have the opportunity to be seen and met by you.

I was unexpectedly provided with some empty space as my husband and I tackled a full paint job in our upstairs unit after past tenants unexpectedly moved out. We had spent weeks up there elbow deep in paint and covered in dust from covering a million holes and repainting an entire apartment after a young kid had taken a marker to most of the walls in the space. While working I couldn't help but be swept away by the light in the space and the stark emptiness the rooms provided. The perfect canvas to create an in. When I reached out to Santina I was ecstatic when she offered an enthusiastic "YES" and we spontaneously made this shoot happen in that space before I had to hand off the keys once more.

Within minutes we were howling together and exploring everything form softness and texture to pure embodied sexiness. The thing that stood out to me the most in this particular shoot was the amount of times we visited joy together. Full belly laughing joy and a sense of freedom that came from throwing in some bits of tulle for movement and play. It was such a dynamic and fun shoot, and below is only a small sample of some of the powerful images we created together during our time.

There is no right or wrong way to unfold in these sessions together, and its such a gift to explore the edges with each of you in each session and all the potent shapes and emotions you can in habit and express through your body.

Black and white cropped photo of a naked curvy black woman with long braids hand on her hip.
black and white close up of a naked curvy black woman with a tattoo on her deltoid. Light cascading over her curves.
Close up black and white image of a naked curvy black woman leg slightly extended and hand slightly reaching w acrylics