Introducing In Home Intimates - a 90+ minute in home session for you and your partner committed to capturing the intimate nature of your everyday relationship as it unfolds in the comfort of your own home. From the mundane day to day moments to the things that make your relationship unique, and the passion and intimacy between you. These sessions are meant to act like a time capsule honouring the essence that is you and your relationship, in a space that’s familiar. A window into who you get to be when the rest of the world isn’t watching. No performance or perfect posing, but instead your story unfolding as it always does, but this time in front of my lens.

Investment $697

How it works

This session begins with an in depth questionnaire to help me get a sense of who you are, what makes you tick, what things are important to you, what your comfort level is and what you’re hoping to capture during our time together. From there we’ll have a virtual meeting where we can connect further, get to know each other more, have a chance for you to show me some of your space and we can create a flow for our shoot day. The day of you’ll have me for a minimum of 90 minutes of shooting time where we’ll explore 3-4 different areas & scenes in your home from the flow we created during our virtual meet. Although I may offer a prompt or two this session is really about letting things be and documenting the two of you as you move through the activities that you’ve deemed important to capture during our time together. Its about letting you be you! Within 4-6 weeks you’ll receive a full password protected digital gallery where you can download, save, purchase prints or even share your images.

This session isn’t for you if you’re looking for perfectly posed and polished shots or hoping for lots of specific posing direction.

This session IS for you if you're someone who values documentary style primarily black and white photographs of the dynamic and mundane magic you share with your partner. If you're wanting to see bits of your life & story in intimate stills that you can return to over and over again.


Will my images be shared?

Only if you want them to be! Consent is king in my work and for some folks sharing feels exhilarating and fun and for others it’s not for them and both are absolutely okay. These are your images to cherish and choose to share or not.

There is also the opportunity of selecting some images to be shared and keeping others private.

Is this open to folks with multiple partners or in triad situations?

100%! These sessions are open to any partnerships that are looking to capture the intimate nature of their relationships and day to day.

I have kids and I’d like to include them in part of this experience, is that possible?

ABSOLUTELY! Kids are a huge part of our lives for those of us that have them and can offer such a tender window into our relationship on another level, both with them and with each other. With 90 -120 minutes we have space to include the kids in the first 30 minutes before considering sending them out the door with a loved one or sitter. The best of both worlds is definitely possible.

Is there anything that's off that table?

Yes and no. Ultimately the intention of these sessions is to capture the tenderness and intimacy of your relationship and dynamic. As far as what is or is not on the table in the world of spiciness, this is something we determine together based on our comfort level during the intake process and our virtual meeting.