The story of a MULTI-PASSIONATE misfit

When life hands you a lazy eye, ADHD, a literal broken heart, lust for theatrics & sensuality in a traditional christian family you learn pretty quickly that the world would love nothing more than to snuff you out. Dubbed the "too much" drama queen of the family while carrying deep stories of being the burden intertwined with not enoughness I spent the first 18 years of my life dancing between desperately trying to fit in & appease or trying to hide. My ugly duckling upbringing had me uncomfortable in my skin, in my being and wholly confused about what life wanted from me or how I wanted to live it. My heart condition and 4 open heart surgeries had me convinced I wouldn't be around long enough to live out a dream.

And yet, she persisted...

Even in the confusion and mixed messages that was my early life I still couldn't deny a deep guttural longing to explore myself and my body. To resist the stories I'd come to believe about myself and lean into something different. And ya know what, that all started with a camera and keyboard. Photography has always been my preferred medium to observe and check in with my ever changing body. The ability to see myself in angles that aren't typically accessible in a mirror and actually broaden my view and belief about who the fuck I am, and this meat suit that is carrying me through the world. I still remember years ago the feeling of that brick-like silver point and shoot digital camera in my small hands, trying to beat the self-timer in order to get a clearer view of me. In order to better understand my story through my body, and simply observe what is without the judgement the world would love for me to hold. This is what I'm hellbent on doing for you.

I am a believer that our bodies are a gift, that nakedness is not inherently sexual, that for too long we've been deeply conditioned to hold biases that keep us from our body and rather than being with them, desperately trying to manage them. I an also a firm believer that we can unlearn and return to a place of neutrality and respect through self-exploration, authentic imagery, imagination and spending time in community with those who are equally committed to disrupting those biases and choosing something new.

When we spend time with the body, allow ourselves to see the body without the blinders, and can rub shoulders and sit with those who are also existing unrestricted in their own bodies the stories change. How can I say that with such confidence? Because that is my story too.

So i want to see you & help you see yourself the way that I do

Because everyone deserves to have their stories captured. Everyone deserves to take up space in this world. Everyone deserves to be seen, held and loved just as they are. Everyone who's drawn to it deserves the opportunity to explore nakedness and untangle it from sexuality and objectification. So I'm here to offer you a playground of ways to do just that. Through my yoga teaching, workshops, and zero photoshop photography I hold the space so you can step a little more fully into yourself. In my spaces we love skin, we honour texture, we express without boarders, honour individual experiences, and welcome vulnerability that brings us closer to self-acceptance. I'm so glad that you're here and I can't wait to see and work with you.

xx Lindsay


C. Parsons

“Lindsay made it so easy to get back in front of the camera. She immediately had me smiling and laughing and feeling comfortable in my changed body. Her excitement during our session was infectious and her patience with me and my newborn was unlimited. I am beyond impressed by how many stunning photographs were taken during our session. Lindsay has a special talent for capturing emotion and the essence of an individual in her work. I am so grateful for the art we created together.”